Again Bitcoin got rejected at $40000?

Again Bitcoin got rejected at $40000?

Currently, Bitcoin is trading at $36000 on 19 June 2021.

Overall, Bitcoin has a large no. of resistance zone above $40000. Last day it was pumping but got rejected at $40000 or you can say resistance pushed it back to $36000.

To make Bitcoin bullish, It has to break the resistance zone at $42000.  It requires huge good news for Cryptocurrency.

On the other side, Bitcoin has a support zone of $34000 which is fragile. The reason is that the large no. of resistance zone at the top.

These resistance zone make it bearish.

Currently, Bitcoin is trading at $36000
Currently, Bitcoin is trading at $36000

What to do next?

As Warren Buffett said, “Buy the fear and Sell the Greed“. We have to follow this instruction in every market to gain good profits.

So here, we have 2 options to do in upcoming trend.

First, if you want to Trade on Bitcoin, so follow Warren Buffet’s line ”Buy the fear and Sell the Greed”.

Buy Bitcoin near Support and Sell it reaches the Resistance zone.

Another, is to be a Hodler. It is better option to hold Bitcoin for Long Term to gain profits.

Why Alt Coins falls?

All other Coins i.e. Alt Coins follow the same path as bitcoin trading lines. It is because of some negative Tweets and news-driven over Cryptocurrencies. Some Bears of Crypto want to create Fear in the audience to sell their Holdings.

Somehow, they already a success in making that Fear. And crypto holders started selling their Cryptos at very low prices.

Due to huge amount of money withdrawn from Crypto Market, it goes down.

Which Alt coins to Buy?

If this post got 100+ view and 100+Shares. Answer is in Next post, Stay tuned.

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